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AP Environmental Science Project 15-16

AJC Headline: Chastain Park to be Sold to Allow for Condos and Shopping


AJC Headline: Chastain Park to be Sold to Allow for Condos and Shopping    


This is a fictitious scenario.

Problem description:


The city of Atlanta has decided that the upkeep and maintenance of Chastain Park has become cost prohibitive and the city can no longer afford to manage the park. The City of Atlanta has been approached by two developers who are interested in building condominiums and shops throughout the current park boundary. Presently, Chastain Park is the largest green space in Atlanta. It houses a golf course, swimming pool, jogging path and an amphitheater as well as playgrounds and tennis courts. All of these facilities will be impacted as will The Farm at Chastain, The Chastain Park Conservancy, and surrounding neighborhoods/residents.


You currently work for a think tank, The Jenkins Group, located in Atlanta, Georgia. Your organization has been hired by the city to analyze possible development scenarios for Chastain Park and to determine the best course of action for the city. Once this analysis is completed your group is tasked with making a recommendation to the Atlanta City Council at their January meeting, which will focus on the reorganization and development plan for Chastain Park. As part of your contract the city has asked that your analysis be multifaceted. It must include environmental, economic, legal and political considerations.


The Atlanta City Council will be meeting on 01/09/2016 to vote on this issue.

Group instructions:

Each group needs to address the following: economic impact, environmental impact, legal ramifications, and community ramifications. Each group should assign one person to each of those topics. Each person needs to complete their own annotated bibliography and produce their own notecards for their assigned topic. The group will then work together to produce the paper and presentation that combines each individual topic to explain their recommendation.


I will assign a project manager to each group. That individual will make sure that the deadlines are being met and make a decision for the group in the instance of different opinions on the direction of the project.


Remember your group needs to come together in the end to make a single recommendation to the council. I will provide class time for group meetings.

Important dates:

Annotated Bibliography - each person should produce this

Oct. 7 - Two sources with annotations due

Oct. 14 - Two additional sources with annotations due

Octt. 21 - Two additional sources with annotations due

Nov. 3 - All 10 sources with annotations due

Notecards - each person should produce this

Nov. 18 - 20 notecards due


Paper - one per group

Dec. 5 - Rough draft of paper due

Jan. 9 - Final draft due


Presentation - one per group

Jan. 3 - Presentation draft and run through.

Jan. 9 - Final presentations

Your requirements:

It is up to you what your recommendation will be; however, it needs to be well researched and documented. The recommendation of your group should include both a written position paper and a visual presentation to the city council. Both your presentation and paper should be appropriately cited in APA format and should include charts, graphs, photos etc. You will be making this presentation to members of the Galloway community -- not just our class -- who will serve as acting council members.

Annotated bibliography: 100 points

For the annotated bibliography you need to have at least 10 sources. The annotation needs to include the following:

  1. A paragraph summarizing the key points of the article.

  2. Evaluate the article: is the information reliable? Is this source biased? What is the goal of this source?

  3. Reflect on the article: Did this article influence your thoughts on the subject? How could you use this article in a research paper? Did this article change the way you think about this topic?

For your sources you must have:

Two sources from References Sources

Two sources from Periodical Databases

Two targeted web search sources

The remaining four can come from any of the above

Notecards - 40 points

    (2 per source with 5 facts each)


Paper: Rough draft is worth 30 points; Final draft is worth 70 points

Two group members should act as writers and one group member should act as editor

Below you will find two links that discuss how to write a position paper.



Your paper should be approximately 4-5 pages in length. It should be double spaced and written in Times New Roman size 12 font with 1” margins. You should have a minimum of 10 sources.