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AP Literature and Writing

The AP English Literature and Composition course this year is focused on literary adaptation, appropriation, and intertextuality.  Exemplary scores on the AP Literature and Composition exam earns successful test takers college credit.  Consequently, this course is designed to parallel college literature and composition courses both in the sophistication of thinking it requires as well as in the volume of reading and writing students will complete.  You will learn how to analyze and interpret selections of exemplary literary and persuasive writing by discerning and explaining the author’s use of literary and rhetorical strategies and techniques, eventually applying many of these techniques to your own writing.  In order to begin the year with a shared conceptual vocabulary, you are required to read and annotate the two selections by Hucheons and Sanders on adaptation, appropriation, and intertextuality attached here. Be prepared to discuss and write about these selections during our first full class session.

Hutcheon on adaptation

Sanders on adaptation