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To complete this assignment you need to use at least five sources.

1. A primary source (The original Biblical story found online or in print.)

2. An encyclopedia article summarizing your allusion (use the Gale Virtual Reference Library database)

3. Two references to pop culture (find these online or in print). Can include movies, TV shows, books, poems, songs, and more. 

4. One article from a periodical (a magazine or newspaper). Use ProQuest or EBSCO databases for this.

ProQuest Newspapers & Periodicals

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Encyclopedia Summary of Allusion

Google Books has several reference books about Biblical allusions. 

Try the Facts on File Dictionary of Allusions or search Google Books for other options. Cite these as "reference sources." Use the ISBN to pull in most of the information for the citation, then add the title of the specific article you are using.

Encyclopedia Summary of Allusion

Primary Source

English-language versions of the Bible

Citation Note: In Noodle Tools you will cite this as "Bible." Then make sure to indicate that you found it on a website. Check the box for "citing a Bible" within the citation and you can choose the version of the Bible from a drop down menu. 

After you are done with the citation and you are looking at your list of sources you can mark it as a primary source by checking the box next to the citation then clicking on "select an attribute" and choosing "primary source."

Gale Virtual Reference Library

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