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Art History Research: Home

A guide for Ms. Daws' 5th grade art students.

Cite Your Sources!


Use Noodle Tools for your bibliography. Include each source you used to get information. You do not need to cite every photograph you use with Noodle Tools (but you must include the MLA citation from Britannica image Quest in your PowerPoint presentation).

Grolier Encyclopedias

Art History Movements

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Britannica Online Middle School

Britannica Image Quest

Your Assignment

Gather information about your artist using library books and the online encyclopedias listed here. You should not use any other sources of information. 

This is the link to your Google Presentation template. One person in each group should save a copy of this document and then share it with the other group members. 

Google Presentation


BrainPOP has movies about art styles. You must login with user name galloway-student. Ask your teacher for the password.