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Mr. Biglari's 9th grade political science project


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Time Magazine (1990-present full text in EBSCO MAS-Ultra database)

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Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) (1995-present in ProQuest)

Newsweek (1998-2012 full text in Proquest)

New York Times (1980-present full text in Proquest)

Wall Street Journal (1984-present full text in Proquest)

Washington Post (1987-present full text in Proquest)

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--- Your articles must be about events that happened in the U.S.

--- Your source must be a news article and not an academic article or a summary of a Supreme Case.

--- The article must be about a controversy or a dispute between the government and an individual.

--- The articles do not have to be about a court case.

--- Type in the actual provision in quotes (i.e. “no cruel and unusual punishment”, and not the number of the amendment (i.e. “8th Amendment) when looking up articles.

--- If you have trouble finding articles, come and see me ASAP.

--- There is no required time period for the articles (1776-2015!)

--- Your image must not contain words.

--- You must paraphrase what the Amendment says and not copy it word for word on the cover pages. You must reference Congress when paraphrasing the first Amendment.

--- Give the image a label in parenthesis and put it under the image.

--- Your first paragraph must contain a detailed summary of the story and the arguments on each side. No personal opinion or extra research should be included in the write-ups.

---  Your third paragraph of the write-up must in the following format:

The article is a reflection of (    ) Amendment because (     ). The article discussed a dispute between (   ) and (    ) and the main question is (    ).

--- You can do no more than 1 article per provision. (i.e. 1 article on freedom of religion only)

--- The article must be at least 1 page long, and no longer than 3 pages.

--- Minimize the number of quotes in the write-up. Paraphrase everything!

--- Paraphrasing does not equal only moving or changing a couple of words in a sentence!

--- Put the cover page, article, and write-up in order in the scrapbook.

--- Put the entries in order of the Amendments in the scrapbook.(1st Amendment before 2nd, 2nd Amendment before 4th, ….)

--- Your Table of Contents must include title of article and author, Amendment and provision, date of article, source, and page numbers.

--- The last page of your scrapbook is Work Cited page (MLA format). You must list all sources (articles and images) in alphabetical order.

--- If the article addresses what a Justice says about the case, take it seriously. The comments by Justices are often arguments supporting a side 

--- As you are reading the article, prepare a list or highlight the argument , the story, and the question in the case.

--- A few cases involve multiple provisions. If so, choose the provision that is more applicable in the case as the one you are doing for the project.

--- Your options are the Bill of Rights and the 14th Amendment.

--- You must use at least three sources for the articles. 

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