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Use Noodle Tools for your bibliography and notes!

Gale eBooks

Gale eBooks

The search box above for Gale Virtual Reference Library will search Galloway's collection of online reference books. You will find articles from many reference books.

Body Systems with Mr. Luke

Information Sources for 5th Grade Science Research

Systems of the Human Body. Retrieved Feb 14, 2018 from Linkidot website.

Infobase Health Reference Center Database

Ebsco Health Source Database

Galloway Databases

The Galloway Library has many online databases that can be found on the library website. The best ones for this project are listed on this page. They do not require passwords when you are at school.

Important Note

If you are using them from outside of Galloway, click here to see all available databases and names/passwords. (If you aren't logged into the Portal, it will first prompt you to log in your own username and password. You will then come to a list of databases with individual usernames and passwords.)

Britannica Online Middle School

Britannica Image Quest

More Databases to Try