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11th Grade American History Paper: Research Basics

Cite Your Sources!


Use Noodle Tools for your bibliography and notes!

Primary Sources in Noodle Tools

James figured out how to mark your sources as primary sources in Noodle Tools.

Here's how: After you are done with the citation and you are looking at your list of sources you can mark it as a primary source by checking the box next to the citation then clicking on "select an attribute" and choosing "primary source."

Search Google

Noodle Tools Notecard Piles

Great Searching Advice

If you want to be a better web-searcher, take a look at all these tips provided by the people who bring us Noodle Tools.



When researching using the World Wide Web, be sure to apply the CRAAP test to anything you read. 

C: Currency

R: Relevance

A: Authority

A: Accuracy

P: Purpose

More details about CRAAP here.