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Group Expectations

Each group will create a shared project in Noodle Tools (APA Advanced). You will use Noodle Tools for citing your sources, taking notes, and connecting to a shared Google Doc. Be sure to share your project with Dr. Desmelik.

Image by Wil Nichols. Used under a Creative Commons License.





You should have at least 10 sources in your Reference List.

At least half should be printed books or reference sources from Galloway databases.

Half of the sources can be websites.


Your group will use NoodleTools for notecards. 

A notecard may have direct quotations but should also include a summary in your own words


Minimum of 10 pages (1.5 line spacing). Use Times New Roman 12 pt. font with 1 inch margins. Include References at the end of your paper (they don't count toward your 10 pages). 

Your paper will have a thesis statement in the first paragraph that may be something like this.

"The evolution of the quantum theory of the atom was pivotal to our understanding of atomic structure."

The rest of your paper should support this statement and express your interpretations and thoughts about what you have learned. 


Your group will do a 20-minute oral presentation that should clearly cover all the information from your paper. Do not read directly from your paper, notecards, or a PowerPoint presentation. You need to emphasize the people and the pivotal transitions regarding the science. This is a chance to practice your public speaking skills. Each group member must participate in the presentation. 

Cite Your Sources!


Use Noodle Tools for your bibliography and notes!

Assignments and Handouts