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A Research Guide for 8th grade social studies students

Civil Rights Project

This research guide is for Mrs. Lander's 8th grade social studies students. You are a person who was active in the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s and 1960s. You have been invited to a dinner party where you will talk about your experiences in the movement and beyond. 


You need sources from these 3 categories. 

BOOKS: There is a big cart of books in Ms. Lander's room. You should also search the library catalog—there may be other books in the Galloway Library that would be perfect for your research. Remember the Noodle Tools App when citing books. It allows you to scan the book's barcode with your phone and cites the book for you.

DATABASES: See the tab called "Sources of Information" for the Galloway Library databases.

WEBSITES: Use the smart Google searching techniques found on this page to find quality websites.

People of the Movement

Click on the word Galloway at the top of this Pinterest Board to see all of the Civil Rights figures. (You need to have a Pinterest account to access this page.) This is a great place to go to choose which person you would like to research.

MLK Jr. and Daughter

Kareles, James. "MLK Jr. and Daughter Yolanda". Race, Civil Rights and Photography, New York Times, 1962. Accessed 5 Dec. 2016.

Cite Your Sources!


Use Noodle Tools for your bibliography and notes!

A Sampling of Civil Rights Books at Galloway

Civil Rights Protesters

"Civil rights march on Washington, D.C." Prints and Photographs Online Catalog (PPOC), Library of Congress, 28 Aug. 1963, Accessed 5 Dec. 2016.

Civil Rights Web

Smart Google Searching

Just add on to your search like the example below

Search Galloway's Library Catalog

Search Titles Search Authors Search Subjects Search Keywords Search Series
Advanced Search

Rosa Parks in Atlanta

"Rosa Parks Speaks at Ebeneezer Baptist Church in Atlanta" World, Mashable, 15 Jan. 1969, Accessed 5 Dec. 2016.