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2012 Elections: Home

Research guide for Mr. Biglari's Political Science class fall 2012.

Election Overviews

Information about the Presidential Election

Gallup Presidential Election Center

CNN Election Center

PBS Election 2012

Researching the 2012 Elections

This research guide compiles resources on researching and analyzing the 2012 Presidential, Congressional, and Senate elections. Here is what you need to know.

Each student is to do a report on the presidential race and one House or one Senate race in a given state in the country. Choose a state from the following list: Iowa, Virginia, North Carolina, Colorado, Florida, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Ohio, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Wisconsin.

Students are to

  1. examine the partisan voting background of each state
  2. discuss the current political and demographic make-up of the state
  3. explain the major issues in that state and the country that will affect the outcome of the race
  4. examine the background and views of the candidates
  5. project the outcome of the races in each state with an explanation of your predictions
  6. analyze the implications of the races for our political system and landscape


6 national magazine/news sources

3 local newspapers

4 websites

1 reference book

3 professional political science resources

    Cite Your Sources!


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