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Summer Book Clubs for Faculty/Staff 2013: About the Book Clubs


Faculty/Staff Summer Book Clubs 2013

Welcome to the Galloway Faculty/Staff Summer Book Clubs for 2013

What's the set-up?  Inspired by how UL approached summer reading this year, we are introducing faculty/staff summer book clubs.  You will read one of the books on offer and join a discussion group about the book in Pre-Planning, August 2013. The discussion groups will be lead by members of the Vision Team.

How does one get a copy of the book one wishes to read?  You can borrow a copy from a library/friend, or read the copy you've had sitting at home for ages, or you can use the Amazon gift card which is being sent to you digitally.  

Who chose the books on offer?  Each of the 2013-2014 Vision Team chose a book which they have read or would like to read.  

What's the goal?  As a community, we get to enjoy reading and discussing 13 different books, in K-12 faculty/staff mixed groups.

Does one have to sign up?  Yes please!  That way, Vision Team members know who to expect for the Pre-Planning discussion.  Sign up here. 


Happy reading!

Suzanna Jemsby

Head of School