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7th Grade Immersion—The Food Debate: Home

The Debate

Seventh Grade Immersion Debate

You will research a food-related issue in order to participate in a debate. You will be trying to convince your audience that your issue is the most important food-related issue today. You will also offer a solution to the problem. The winner of the debate will be the team that convinces the audience that their issue is important and that their solution would help solve the problem.

STEP 1: One group member creates a Google Doc and shares it with the group (everyone can edit)

STEP 2: One group member creates a new Noodle Tools project (MLA Junior) and shares it with the group and with Ms. Emmons' Food Immersion dropbox

STEP 3: Read the background information provided about your topic on this research guide. Make sure everyone in the group has a good overview of your topic.

STEP 4: In your Google Doc brainstorm all the questions you have about your topic. What do you wonder? What do you want to know more about? What will you need to know to convince people your topic is important?

STEP 5: Organize and categorize your questions (cut and paste things in Google Docs). Divide them up so everyone in the group has a category to learn about.

STEP 6: Research! Take notes in the Google Doc, cite your sources in Noodle Tools, talk a lot with your group members and prepare for the debate

Source Requirements

You need at least one source from all these categories (more is better!)

  • Books (print or eBooks—green boxes)
  • Database articles (Reference Sources—purple boxes)
  • Newspaper/Magazine articles (from databases—orange boxes)
  • Websites


Food Deserts/ local food movement—background reading

Fast Food/childhood obesity—background reading

Genetically Modified Food—background reading

Organic Food—background reading

Vegetarianism—background reading

Hunger/Food Insecurity/Food Stamps—background reading

Cite Your Sources!


Use Noodle Tools for your bibliography and notes!

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