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Professional Development for Faculty: Home

Professional Development

Galloway's Professional Development Mission

To help the faculty and staff draw students joyfully into learning by creating a learning atmosphere that cultivates curiosity and challenges each student to demonstrate their talents achieve their individual best.

What's a PLN?

A PLN or "personal learning network" is a group of people who are connected by shared passions or common interests, and who benefit from shared learning.

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Starting a PLN

Unblock the Sonic Wall to see this video.

The Professionally Networked Teacher

Learning Opportunities

Professional Development comes in many forms and you are encouraged to think outside the box about what you might want to do to increase your professional learning. The Professional Development committee will consider funding requests for a wide variety of activities, including

  • Conferences and Workshops
  • Educational Retreats (these can be planned by you!)
  • Webinars
  • Visits to other schools (including payment for substitutes)
  • Visits to other Galloway classrooms (including payment for substitutes)
  • Professional Development materials and books 
  • Other ideas you might have—think big!


PLN Starter Kit