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A research guide for 5th grade plant research

Noodle Tools


Use Noodle Tools to create notecards about your plant.

Noodle Tools Tips and Tricks

Use this link to help you with any Noodletools questions that you have. 


- All notecards need a source

- Direct Quotation: Copy directly from the source

- Paraphrase: Put the direct quotation in your own words

- My Ideas: What is your plant going to look like based on the direct quotation?

5th Grade Finding Nemo Project

Characters to Choose From

  • Nemo/Marlin
  • Bruce
  • Gill
  • Dory
  • Bloat
  • Bubbles

Due Dates

Citations due: April 7

At least one source from each of the following: 




Notecards due: April 9

At least 3 notecards for each paragraph and in each envelope

Notecards need to have a paraphrased fact on them

Nickname for the source of the fact


Final Project due: April 13

Paper is written in proper paragraph form with a title at the top

Thesis statement needs to be the first sentence

Three paragraphs go underneath of that

Citations get pasted under paragraphs

Paper is printed and put into research folder