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Hamburger Pond and Forest Nature Guide: Home

A research guide for 6th grade science students.

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Links You Need

Galloway Databases - note, you will need to log in to see passwords from home


6th Grade Hamburger Pond and Forest Nature Guide


Important Dates

Target Due Dates:

Research Due: Monday, September 24

Color Photograph Printed Due: Monday, September 24

Science Alliteration Due: Wednesday, October 3

Scientific Illustration Due: In your Art TALK on Tuesday, October 16 or Wednesday, October 17



Research Requirements:

1. Research a minimum of two resources

2. Resources can be a book, an online database or a reputable website (several are listed on this LibGuide)

3. Required Research Topic: "Distinguishing Physical Characteristics" (this is needed for your illustration)

4. Choose three of the following Research Topics for your five to seven "Nature Nuggets":

  • Distinguishing Behaviors
  • Habitat
  • Predator/Prey
  • Life Cycle
  • Environmental Indicator
  • Effect on the Environment

Pond Research Checklist

Rubric HPond Organism Research