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RAP Research Project: Research Basics

Resources to help with your 11th grade English/American Studies RAP Research Author Project.

Cite Your Sources!


Use Noodle Tools for your bibliography and notes!

Period 2

Period 5

Students Love RAP!

The RAP Paper is Wrapped Up

Exhausted Juniors on the Due Date

Your Piles in Noodle Tools

Great Searching Advice

If you want to be a better web-searcher, take a look at all these tips provided by the people who bring us Noodle Tools.

A Word from Mrs. Klein

"You're gonna have a crappy rappy if you don't DO THE WORK!"

Period 1


Period 7


When researching using the World Wide Web, be sure to apply the CRAAP test to anything you read. 

C: Currency

R: Relevance

A: Authority

A: Accuracy

P: Purpose

More details about CRAAP here.