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Slavery Primary Resources: Home

Primary resources for slavery from 1500s-1700s, Mesoamerica and South America.

Slavery Primary Souce Project Description

 Creat Your Own Document Based Question

You will be working in groups of 4 or 5 on this assignment. You will be expected to divide the workload equitably between yourselves and make a group decision regarding the evaluation requirements. Each member will be giving an evaluation of the other group members, which will have an influence on the overall grade given for this assignment. You will design a Document-Based Question (DBQ) dealing with an important historical issue from Early Latin America (1450-1750 C.E.). You may NOT duplicate a question from a previous A.P. examination, nor one that has already been posted on the internet by another teacher or students. I will find it and I have seen more samples than you can find. Be honest and make an original. You are highly encouraged to utilize Chapter 19 of your textbook. Please see attached document below for detailed instructions.

Subject Guide

Cite Your Sources!


Use Noodle Tools for your bibliography and notes!