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UL Summer Book Clubs 2018: How to Register

UL Summer Book Clubs


Welcome to Galloway Upper Learning

Summer Book Clubs! 

Our summer reading program celebrates recreational reading.

All Galloway Upper Learning students will select a book group

in the spring and participate in a discussion in August.


All students must participate in the registration process. Book clubs are limited to 10 students. Once a group hits 10 readers, it will close. If you are anxious to get your first choice, be ready to register when the site becomes accessible to your class. (See links, dates and times below.) Be sure to have a your second choice ready.


Mouse over the tabs above to see the complete titles and sponsors of the various discussion groups. Click on the tabs to see more information.


Once registration is complete, Galloway will purchase Summer Book Club books for all students and distribute them by the end of the school year.  Once school resumes in August, book clubs will meet. This is typically on the second day of school. Room locations will be posted in the hallway. Stay tuned for more information on this.


This website only deals with our Summer Book Clubs. There is required summer reading for Upper Learning AP classes and a few other courses. Stay tuned for a link to that information.